A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This  is a creature simulator.
Made for GDFG's Monthly Game Jam #2

Main menu
Settings is where you set up the rules for the simulation and under Genes is where you build the genes for the creatures that will be  generated in the simulation. You can set up genes for 3 different creatures.

Then when Start is pressed an simulation is started with creatures using these genes

Game settings

  • length of each day in seconds
  • Number of resources spawned each turn
  • Number of creatures spawned at start of simulation


  • Speed decide how fast they move
  • Mutation decide how what changes their offspring's have to mutate
  • Sense how far away it can see 
  • Color just visually
  • Reproduce chance 

Relax and follow how your creatures evolve in generations. 


  • W A S D to move camera.
  • Q and E to rotate camera
  • Mouse wheel to Zoom
  • Click on creature to inspect, it camera will follow that creature

Install instructions

Download and unzip

Then run


Creatures_Linux 2021-02-27.zip 49 MB
Creatures_OSX 2021-02-27.zip 44 MB
Creatures_Win 2021-02-27.zip 35 MB

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